My books

The Sir Robert Carey novels.

The first Sir Robert Carey book. In which Carey arrives at Carlisle, meets Sergeant Dodd and becomes embroiled with the Grahams.


In which Sir Robert Carey has to solve a murder mystery to save his servant from hanging and himself from dismissal.


In which Sir Robert goes to Dumfries with Sergeant Dodd and gets in a lot of trouble.


In which Carey and Sergeant Dodd go very unwillingly to London and end up in a riot at a gaol.


In which Carey and Dodd meet a very important personage and also a lawyer called James Enys.


In which Dodd disapears and Carey is ordered to reopen an extremely dangerous cold case.


In which Carey has a toothache, his lady love, Lady Elizabeth Widdrington, has a problem and Dodd is upset.


In which Carey goes to Edinburgh, we meet an old friend and Dodd is very annoyed.