Talking about Sir Robert Carey

My book GUNS IN THE NORTH is out now – a triple helping of Sir Robert Carey, with the first three books of the series in a handsome omnibus edition (Head of Zeus).

That’s A FAMINE OF HORSES (Sir Robert Carey arrives at Carlisle and wonders why there are so few horses available.)

A SEASON OF KNIVES (Sir Robert’s servant Barnabus is accused of murder)

A SURFEIT OF GUNS (Sir Robert travels to Dumfries to meet King James VI of Scotland where he gets into a lot of trouble)

So I’m going to be at Waterstones Kew, London UK, on Wednesday 26th July at 6.30 pm talking about it. I’m hoping the trains to Carlisle will be running the next day (27th July), because I’ll be at Waterstones Carlisle, UK, at 6.30 pm, talking about Sir Robert Carey’s adventures and the awfulness of the Border reivers.

Now I really enjoy doing these events – and I’ve been doing them since I was 18 which is (mumble mumble) years ago. A long time anyway. And if you’re called Armstrong, Graham or Fenwick or any other Border name, I’ve got some interesting news about your 16th century ancestors.

However this blog is really all about me having proudly made a little video about my events this week and trying to work out how to put it in my blog. It seems to take ages to  upload videos so I’ll try a Youtube link.

So far no luck. This was really simple on my other webpage.

little video

OK. I think it’s worked.




  1. Congrats!

    I’m still hoping to reach you regarding Ann Morgan Carey running the Judith as a privateer. My question is what inspired this wonderful detail in your book: Was it pure fiction, or is there an historical detail that sparked it? I would be thrilled to learn that you have an historical reference for this. When I read it, I thought to myself ‘Of Course she was a privateer! Why didn’t I know that?’.

    Plus I’m an Outlander fan and Gabaldon’s review is fantastic!


    • I’m really sorry, Kristin Bundesen, Ann Carey being a privateer is pure fiction – based just on the name ‘Morgan’. Like most Elizabethan women, she’s hard to research and there isn’t much about her. One other thing that gave me the idea – her sister Selina married a Trevannion at Caerhays castle in Cornwall, so she did have an excuse to go and visit! If you can find out anything showing she really was a privateer, I’ll be ecstatic.
      You can find me on my Facebook Author Page as well.


      • Thanks for your speedy reply! This is what I love about fiction. It can inspire new avenues of research. Your drawing of her character, and my imagined version of her from archival research, clicked together so well that I was certain she had her hand in some privateering. So, now that I know this detail was your craft in action and not based on anything in the archives, I am determined to research the possibility. Perhaps something in the archives supports this aspect of Baroness Hunsdon’s life that you created.

        I will be in England for about 5 months this autumn and winter- if I can find some place affordable to stay. I will follow your comings and goings on Facebook and let you know if I do find anything of interest.

        – Admiringly
        – Kristin


      • Alas, I will be in Hungary where I’m researching a non-fiction book about my Hungarian mother’s experiences in the Second World War. Of course it’s only a short hop from London to Budapest…
        It wouldn’t be the first time that I made up something that turned out to be true!


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