PF Chisholm’s shiny new website

I didn’t actually intend to start a new website, but I couldn’t get at Admin to change my website and I needed to practise doing stuff on a website and so… tra la! P F Chisholm rides for the first time into the 21st century, practising the sort of hard-eyed squint Dodd might give a cheeky website designer. Carey, of course, would be blogging like mad on his iPad and posting a stupid number of fashion pictures to Instagram. Probably from the middle of Syria.

I have no idea what I’ll post here and I’m looking forward to finding out. I hope this link to my Patricia Finney Author page works!


  1. Glad about this, now I can get notified of new books. So busy, I was appalled to discover I’d missed not one but two new Careys. I can remember messaging you many years ago about the Jack books and I thought of it recently as I have just dug them out again for my god daughter since my kids who adored them are now fifteen and eighteen. Although oddly enough I can’t find the first one today so think I should search their rooms…


    • Hi – welcome back! You can also find me on my Patricia Finney Facebook Author page and there’s a closed group for real fans called Patricia Finnney’s Renaissance (you just have to ask and then answer a question to prove yoou’re not a spambot). It’s great that a new generation of kids is learning about Wet Messages – I’ve just finished a new Jack book which will be available on Kindle in the autumn, called JACK AND THE PUPPIES. There’s a third Jack book called JACK AND THE GHOSTS which is already out on Kindle.


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