PF Chisholm’s shiny new website

I didn’t actually intend to start a new website, but I couldn’t get at Admin to change my website and I needed to practise doing stuff on a website and so… tra la! P F Chisholm rides for the first time into the 21st century, practising the sort of hard-eyed squint Dodd might give a cheeky website designer. Carey, of course, would be blogging like mad on his iPad and posting a stupid number of fashion pictures to Instagram. Probably from the middle of Syria.

I have no idea what I’ll post here and I’m looking forward to finding out. I hope this link to my Patricia Finney Author page works!


  1. It lives!!!!

    Glad to have other ways to tempt my freinds (and others) to partake of that richest of sauces —> Carey


  2. Glad about this, now I can get notified of new books. So busy, I was appalled to discover I’d missed not one but two new Careys. I can remember messaging you many years ago about the Jack books and I thought of it recently as I have just dug them out again for my god daughter since my kids who adored them are now fifteen and eighteen. Although oddly enough I can’t find the first one today so think I should search their rooms…


    • Hi – welcome back! You can also find me on my Patricia Finney Facebook Author page and there’s a closed group for real fans called Patricia Finnney’s Renaissance (you just have to ask and then answer a question to prove yoou’re not a spambot). It’s great that a new generation of kids is learning about Wet Messages – I’ve just finished a new Jack book which will be available on Kindle in the autumn, called JACK AND THE PUPPIES. There’s a third Jack book called JACK AND THE GHOSTS which is already out on Kindle.


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